Name Description
nltools Python toolbox for performing multivariate analysis of neuroimaging data
feat Python toolbox for analyzing facial expression data
facesync Python toolbox for synchronizing videos based on audio signals
emotioncf Python toolbox for performing collaborative filtering analysis
moth_app A Flask, jsPsych, and psiturk web app for collecting ratings from videos on mTurk
pymedoc Python package for wireless network triggering of Medoc Pathway Thermal Stimulation System
Preprocessing Tools Tools used by cosanlab to preprocess neuroimaging data built using nipype
Singularity Container A singularity container used by cosanlab for neuroimaging analys in HPC environments


Name Description
Model Fitting Fitting computational models using matlab
Sending TTL signals via USB A tutorial on how to replace parallel port signaling with USB
DartBrains This is a Dartmouth course that introduces the basics of neuroimaging data analysis using Python.

Community Projects

Name Description
compsan A project to share resources with computational social and affective neuroscience community
lineatkaf Behavioral science project to provide real-time feedback of queue length at a cafe using computer vision and machine-learning. Developed in collaboration with Dali Lab and King Arthur Flour.
neuro-learn A web app to train, test, and share multivariate models of brain activity that predict behavioral outcomes