Luke J Chang, PhD


Luke Chang is an Assistant Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Dartmouth College and directs the Computational Social Affective Neuroscience Laboratory. He completed a BA in psychology at Reed College, an MA in psychology at the New School for Social Research, and a PhD in clinical psychology and cognitive neuroscience at the University of Arizona with Alan Sanfey, PhD. Luke completed his predoctoral clinical internship training in behavioral medicine at the University of California Los Angeles and a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Colorado Boulder under the mentorship of Tor Wager, PhD. His research program is focused on understanding the neurobiological and computational mechanisms underlying social interactions. He is actively involved in the emerging fields of social, affective, and decision neurosciences and uses advanced models to understand how we learn and make decisions in social contexts and how pain and emotions can be regulated through social interactions. When he’s not at the lab, Luke enjoys cooking, bike riding, producing music, and learning new statistical techniques and technical computing skills.


Eshin Jolly

Eshin graduated with a BA from the University of Rochester where he studied the origins of conceptual knowledge with Professors Jessica Cantlon and Brad Mahon. After graduating, he spent two years as a research assistant and lab manager at Harvard with Professor Jason Mitchell, studying mental state inference and social cognitive changes in older adults. At Dartmouth his research involves the application of statistical models to the study of social perception. Specifically, he is interested in understanding predictive inferences based on behavior and animacy, and broadly, the cognitive and neural computations we employ in service of detecting and connecting with other agents. In his free time Eshin can be found writing/playing music, falling down some rabbit-hole of statistics or intensely "studying" craft beer, the last of which is often informs the first two.

Pin-Hao Andy Chen, PhD

Andy completed a M.S. in clinical psychology at National Taiwan University, and a Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience at Dartmouth College. One of his research lines is using brain-imaging method to develop effective self-regulatory improvement techniques. A separate line of his research is to understand the acculturation processes within immigrants using a brain-as-predictor approach. Extending from his research on acculturation, he will start his new research on how culture influences social interaction and symptom expression using a computational approach.

Graduate Students

Jin Hyun Cheong

Jin graduated from Princeton University with a BA in Psychology and certificates in Neuroscience and Finance. After graduation, he worked as a research assistant and lab manager for Professor Matthew Botvinick at the Princeton Neuroscience Institute, where his research involved investigating the computational and neural foundations of human decision making and planning. At Dartmouth, he is interested in applying computational, behavioral, and neuroimaging methods to investigate how emotions and social cognition influence people’s economic choices and behavior. His non-academic life involves cycling, snowboarding, and cooking spicy food.

Emma Templeton

Emma graduated from Harvard, where she worked with Jason Mitchell and Diana Tamir. After graduation, Emma worked as the lab manager in Jamil Zaki's Stanford Social Neuroscience Lab. Here at Dartmouth, Emma works with both Thalia Wheatley (primary advisor) and Luke Chang. Emma is personally and scientifically interested in figuring out what makes conversation "good." That is, what features of an individual, a dyad, and the conversation itself best predict when people feel connected to each other? Outside of the lab, Emma enjoys organized activities, organizing activities, and DiGiorno pizza.

Marissa Clark

Marissa graduated from UCLA with a BS in Cognitive Science and a minor in Neuroscience. After graduation, she worked as a lab manager for Jamil Zaki's Social Neuroscience Lab at Stanford University. At Dartmouth, she is interested in studying social cognition and communication using behavioral, computational and neuroimaging methods.

Bryan González

Bryan received his BA and MA from NYU. After a stint as a producer in creative media industries, his interest in research began in the Social Relations Lab at Columbia University studying speech mimicry. He later spent time learning polysomnography at Weill Cornell before coming to NYU Langone as a senior research coordinator. There, his efforts focused on finding biological markers of PTSD. At Dartmouth, Bryan is primarily interested in the computational mechanisms underpinning theory of mind across perceptual, behavioral and cognitive domains. His research is strongly influenced by reinforcement learning models, and probes mental state attribution in action understanding, preference learning, and anthropomorphism in human-robot interaction. Bryan is also passionate about promoting diversity in STEM education. In his free time, he loves running, live music, and curling up with his cat, “Puppy”.

Tiankang Xie

Tiankang graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with BS in Mathematics and Statistics, minoring in Computer Sciences. While in college, Tiankang did research with Prof. Moo K Chung at UW-Madison working on statistical algorithms for big fmri data. Before finally landing at cosan Lab, Tiankang spent time doing research rotations on cancer epigenetics, proteomics and epilepsy. At Cosan Lab, he is generally interested in BCI and computational neuroscience, especially on how to quantitatively assess emotions and social decisions. In his free time, Tiankang loves cooking, hiking and cycling.

Lab Manager

Amanda Brandt

Amanda received her BA in Psychology from Harvard University in 2018. As an undergraduate, she worked as a research assistant with Professor Leah Somerville studying reinforcement learning and decision making during adolescence. At Dartmouth, Amanda is interested in applying computational, behavioral, and neuroimaging methods to investigate how emotions influence decision making and social interactions. Specifically, she is interested in understanding how symptoms commonly associated with post-traumatic stress disorder and depression (i.e., dysregulation of emotions, negative affect, perceived isolation, etc.) can influence an individual’s emotional experience and social connectedness. Additionally, she is interested in probing deeper into the intersection of technology and health, and its potential for experimental therapeutic approaches. In her free time, Amanda enjoys being outdoors, finding new music, laughing at terrible puns, and asking strangers if she can pet their dogs.

Research Assistants

Kaitlyn Kelley

Kaitlyn is an undergraduate at Dartmouth College studying Psychology with minors in Philosophy and Global Health. After graduation, she is considering attending law school. On campus, Kaitlyn is an Undergraduate Advisor (UGA) and enjoys being involved with Club Taekwondo, GlobeMed, and the housing system.

Liza Begunova

Liza is an undergraduate student at Dartmouth college majoring in neuroscience and minoring in art history. She would like to attend medical school and pursue a career in sports medicine, particularly focusing on neurological traumas in athletes. On campus, Liza is part of the varsity equestrian team - if she is not in the library, she is at the barn!

Kiera Carey

Kiera is a current undergraduate senior at Dartmouth College. She is majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Japanese while on the Pre-health track. She enjoys learning about computational and social neuroscience in the COSAN lab and shadowing with doctors at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. In the time she doesn’t spend studying, she practices her Japanese, dances with the Ujima Dance Troupe, and reads a book or two.

Sophie Byrne

Sophie is a Dartmouth undergraduate studying Psychology and Computer Science. She is interested in computational approaches to psychology and computer assisted therapies. In her free time, she enjoys playing board games, having philosophical debates, cooking and hearing anti-jokes.

Maryam Iqbal

Maryam Iqbal is an undergraduate student at Dartmouth College planning to major in neuroscience, computer science, or cognitive science. She aspires to go to medical school in the future. In her free time, Maryam enjoys playing piano, socializing, cooking, and applying henna.

Sushmita Sadhukha

Sushmita graduated from Dartmouth College with a BA in Neuroscience and Philosophy. She is interested in studying the mechanisms underlying how people make (or cannot make) decisions, how people form social impressions, and in general, wisdom of the crowd phenomena. After graduation, she will continue to work as a research assistant in Professor Luke Chang’s lab, exploring the neural foundations of how we organize our memory of other people. In her free time, Sushmita enjoys reading, flying kites, and talking about paradoxes.

Max Farrens

Max is an undergraduate studying Neuroscience and Computer Science, and hoping to pursue a career in Public Health. He is interested in the neuroscience of addiction, and is currently writing his thesis on the relationship between anxiety and reward sensitivity. In his free time, Max loves to hacky sack, mountain bike and play piano.

Stanley Rozentsvit

Stanley is an undergraduate student at Dartmouth. He majors in Neuroscience and hopes to attend medical school after graduation. He enjoys learning about human perception and memory. In his free time, he enjoys running, swimming, and cooking.

Sandra Reiss

Sandra is a junior at Dartmouth College. She is studying Psychology with a minor in Global Health. On Campus, Sandra is on the varsity squash team and a member of the Women in Business organization. On a nice day, you can find her studying outside or hiking around NH.

Elliott Tang

Elliott is currently an undergraduate junior at Dartmouth College and is double majoring in Cognitive Science (with a focus in social decision making) and Music. On campus, Elliott loves playing violin in the Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra, spending quality time with friends, and watching sci-fi and mystery shows. After graduation, Elliott hopes to either attend law school, or pursue a career which combines research-oriented approaches within a practical framework.

Lex Kang

Lex is an undergraduate studying psychology, linguistics, and government. On campus Lex is also involved in the mock trial team, the school paper, and Women in Business. In her free time, she likes to sing, watch movies, and organize.

Helen Horan

Helen is currently an undergraduate sophomore at Dartmouth majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Art History. She is interested in studying medicine and the social determinants of health. On campus, she enjoys writing for The Dartmouth newspaper and is involved in coordinating events at The Hood Museum of Art through Museum Club. In her free time Helen enjoys running, cycling, cooking, and laying on the Green whenever possible.

Coding Companion


Django is a professional coding assistant and makes sure that Luke remembers to eat and exercise. He has a habit of getting into trouble despite graduating summa cum laude from obedience school.

Lab Alumni

Sunhae was a former postdoc in the lab and is now an assistant professor at Pusan National University in Korea.

Arati Gangadharan

Arati was a former RA and thesis student and is now a medical student at Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth.

Meredith Geaghan-Breiner

Meredith was a former RA

Daisy was a former graduate student who transferred to Duke University

Seth was a former postdoc in the lab and is now an Assistant Professor at UC Davis.

Hirsh Elhence

Hirsh was a former RA and is now a medical student at USC

Eric Andrews, MA

Eric was a former RA and is now a PhD student at the University of Arizona.

Jenna Perry

Jenna was a summer intern.

Hakeem Brooks

Hakeem was a summer intern

Sawyer Brooks

Sawyer was a summer intern

Aimee Sung

Aimee was a former RA

Andrew Boghossian

Andrew was a former RA

Taylor Morrell

Taylor was a former RA

Sam was a former RA and is now a GoogleAI Resident

Antonia Hoidal

Antonia was a former lab manager and is now completing a premed postbac program at the University of Colorado

Kristina was a former graduate student in the lab and is now a postdoc with BJ Casey at Yale University.

Tricia Yeonas

Tricia was a former RA

Ziyi Feng

Ziyi was a former RA

Darien Jones

Darien was a former RA

Zainab Molani

was a former RA and is now completing a Master's in Physiology at Case Western Reserve University

Jeroen was a visiting graduate student from the Donders Institute and is now a postdoc with Oriel Feldmanhall at Brown University

Karina López

Karina was a former RA and is now a lab manager with Carolyn Parkinson at UCLA

Nathan Greenstein

Nathan was a former RA

Emily Chen

Emily was a former RA

Mara Stewart

Mara was a former RA

Emma Gustafson

Emma was a former RA and is now at UC Berkeley

Samantha Milne

Samantha was a former RA

Xiaoxue Gao

Xiaoxue was visiting graduate student and is now a postdoc at Peking University

Jessica Hernandez

Jessica was a former RA

Zohra Aslami

Zohra was a former RA and is now a medical student at Johns Hopkins University